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Rich Body Butter

Rich Body Butter

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This butter has a warm and sensual scent and some amazingly moisturizing oils and butters, ethically sourced, healthy ingredients and phthalate free fragrance oil, coupled with added essential oils to keep the skin moisturized and healthy! Your skin will love you and GLOW!!

Oud Patchouli is a sexy, soothing fragrance with a top note of Bergamot & Lemon Rind. Middle notes of Lavender & Violet and rounded out at the bottom with Sandalwood & Amber.

Vanilla Sandalwood is a a warm, slightly sweet, and sensual fragrance. It starts out floral and bright with hints of White Orchid and Lemon Blossom. The mid notes give you Jasmine & Tuberose. Then it rounds out with Sandalwood and Vanilla.

Mid Summer Nights  This lovely floral & vanilla blend has amazing top notes of Pear & Peach blossom, then hits the middle with Jasmine & Cashmere.. so sultry. The bottom notes leave a nice Sheer Vanilla & Sandalwood lingering scent.. definitely a mood enhancer

Lemon Souffle: This is THE perfect summer scent! This is the perfect blend of Calabrian Lemon, Green Lilac, Fresh Basil & Juniper... A beautiful, light, & refreshing scent. I love to pair it with D &G Light Blue!

Rose Patchouli: Just imagine the most luxurious Rose scent you can think of! This is, hands down the most beautiful scent! It's simply decadent! With top notes of Lemon, Lavender and Orange Peel, then the middle shines with Heady Rose and Cinnamon and the Patchouli and Amber just leave an alluring finish that literally will last all day!!

Honey Covered Pear: Oh Emmmm Geee!! This is the most gentle and sensual, sweet floral, honey scented goodness! The top gives you Cinnamon, Rosemary and Pear bringing in the mid notes of Clover & Honey. Then the finish is alluring with Ylang Ylang, a bit of Musk and Vanilla. If you’ve ever had Wildflower Honey.. this will take you there! This is oh so perfect and light for a soft and sensual summer! 

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Rose Water, Mango Butter, Babassu OIl, Apricot Kernel Oil, Avocado Oil, NatureMuls, Emulsifying Wax, Stearic Acid, Optiphen Plus**, Fragrance* 

*Phthalate Free

**Paraben Free